Moving onto Pastures New

Yesterday was my last day working for Concorde Technology Group as their Group Technical Services Manager.

I joined Concorde in January from ArrowECS taking on a new and exciting role with new challenges. As I developed into the Role at Concorde and transitioned from working in distribution to the world or reseller it became apparent that some goals where actually harder to achieve that first thought. Whilst my time in the role was short I can honestly say I take away with me some great skills and experience I gained working for and with the team at Concorde. The world of the Reseller is different to what I have experienced and you have to be agile, fast and very detailed to compete in this space. With the whole IT industry moving at such a fast pace it was agreed that my skills and talents should focus on a different direction than the one Concorde is on.

Change is good and healthy there is no set recipe for life you should always embrace change, it’s a time to redeploy our skills and create new opportunity along the way so as I am moving in to the next chapter in my career. I look back on the positives and negatives I have learnt about myself in my time at the company, and what I want I want to achieve next. I can honestly say the experience has been good for me and will use all of my experiences in my next chapter.

I have met a lot of great colleagues and customers along the way and wish them all the best and success for the future.

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